Our Services

We at WaW believe in leading a holistic lifestyle with a perfect balance between personal and professional space. Our motto is to make work life more interesting, fruitful and engaging for the employees, making work pleasure rather than a mandatory task to take a pay package home.


HR Advisory services

HR function is critical component of employee welfare which in turn helps an Organisation, irrespective of the size of the Organisation. Outsourcing of HR services has become a trend among the corporate entities, specially Startups, SMEs and MSMEs. It not only helps the companies to focus on their core business operations but also is more cost effective way of working in line with business objectives.

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Training and Development

Our extensive knowledge in the realms of Human Resource Management has showed us that there is a huge gap between academics and real life working. Hence, we tend to mentor freshers in the right direction. This is done through well chalked out life skills workshops which include goal setting, vision and mission planning, personality development, communication skills, soft skills, grooming, time management, stress management, interpersonal training and a lot more. With our training, employees are able to think out of the box, and develop a pro-active approach, which is beneficial to them as well as their employers.


Employee Engagement

It does not take a lot for an employee to become disillusioned or demotivated. Hence, retention becomes a major issue for most organizations. Lack of employee engagement costs many organizations dear, making them lose out on valuable manpower. Hence, we organize various employment engagement activities such as Office Ergonomics & Survey, Work Life Integration, Healthy Interventions such as Yoga at work, Workshops and talks on health, wellness and holistic lifestyle, creative sessions, meditation, relaxation techniques, parenting support, and family programs for employees and their families, along with other CSR activities. These employee engagement activities are a boon, as they help the employee to be motivated towards work, and loyal towards the organization.


Personal and Professional Counseling

We see the world beyond the corporate realms and so, we also offer personalized counselling sessions for individual aspirants who wish to excel in their professional arena, without compromising on their life.