About Company


WaW - Wellness at Work has been carved out after a lot of diligent efforts by Binda Kanayalkar, who has managed to sustain and contribute greatly to the corporate world, where “perform or perish” has become a norm. With a clear understanding of the industry requirements, Binda Kanayalkar has done a lot of research, and with her rich experience of more than 3 decades in the industry, she has identified the need and effectiveness for wellness programs for corporates as well as individuals, along with due stress on employee engagement activities.

Maintaining a perfect balance is a trait which most professionals need to master, and teaching by example, she has done her bit keeping both the scales at par with each other, as well as contributing to the society. A true epitome of philanthropy and healthy living, Binda Kanayalkar has done complete justice to her dream child, “WaW- Wellness at Work, in the form of HR Services, Training and Development as well as Employee Engagement Activities.

With her undying zeal towards every aspect of life, she proves and nudges everyone in the right direction to live a holistic lifestyle as well as give optimum results at work, by tapping the talent potential and ensuring a stress free corporate life, with full scope for growth and development, not just at the professional front but also at the personal front.

Her experience has touched many lives and she has been able to shape many individuals, making them better employees, who are true assets to any organization.